The Weekly Insight: February 20

20th Feb 2018
Texas Insight Reports
  • Texas Gun Violence as a Public Health Issue: Part IV: This fourth and final part of the TI series on gun violence as a public health issue will offer a template for interventions grounded in the public health approach, long used to deal with violence, which is a major contributor of causes of death, disease and disability. The model is wholly grounded in science and is applied to protect health and life amidst widespread gun access (in the US, a gun is in circulation for every resident), without challenging gun ownership rights of law abiding citizens. For the purposes of this posting, gun violence includes murder/homicide, suicide, assault, injury, robbery, domestic violence, and unintentional and accidental shooting.
  • HHSC: Hospital Payment Advisory Committee: The Hospital Payment Advisory Committee met, in an informational session, to receive an update on the 1115 demonstration waiver. [HPAC is] a sub-committee of the Medical Care Advisory Committee (MCAC), advises MCAC and HHS about hospital reimbursement methodologies for inpatient hospital prospective payment and on adjustments for disproportionate share hospitals.
  • HHSC: Drug Utilization Review Board: The Drug Utilization Review Board gathered for its quarterly meeting. [The Board] develops and submits recommendations for the preferred drug list, suggests clinical prior authorizations on outpatient prescription drugs, recommends education interventions for Medicaid providers, and reviews drug usage across Medicaid programs.

Federal Healthcare Reports

  • Nutrition labeling of Restaurant Menu and Vending Machine Items: This report discusses the role of nutrition labeling in obesity management and prevention; the research on the effectiveness of restaurant menu calorie labeling; FDA’s authority to regulate nutrition labeling; and the FDA’s final rules on restaurant menu and vending machine labeling. The report also identifies issues for Congress and flags stakeholders’ concerns regarding FDA’s final menu labeling rule.
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