The Weekly Insight: December 4

04th Dec 2017

Texas Insight Reports: November 27 – December 1
  • HHSC: Executive Council:
    The HHSC executive council met today to deliberate on, and take public testimony on several rules.
  • HHSC: Mental Health Condition and Substance Use Disorder Parity Workgroup:
    The workgroup gathered for their first meeting, addressing background information and administrative issues of committee operation.
  • HHSC: Perinatal Advisory Council:
    The council gathered to receive information on programs and discuss best practices for treatment of women and their infants.
  • Deaths of Despair in Texas: Labor Market Indications:
    This posting is the third in the TI Deaths of Despair series. The series explores whether and to what extent deaths of despair, caused by behaviors such as heavy drinking, drug use and suicide, are affecting Texas. These deaths have been observed on a national level in studies by Deaton-Case who… link the behaviors resulting in Deaths of Despair to cumulative disadvantages experienced in the labor market by those demonstrating flattening or increasing mortality rates – namely White Non-Hispanic middle-aged persons without college degrees. This posting will examine the Texas labor market for these cumulative disadvantages, which may include flat or negative growth in mid-level wage jobs for those with no college degree, growth in low-wage jobs that may be temporary or “irregular”, and declines in labor force participation.
  • (Blog): In Health IT, When Inertia is Your Enemy, ROI is Your Friend: AI and analytics is all the rage at the moment. But the truth is, at least in healthcare, there is a lot more talk than there is action… What is the big barrier to the adoption of technology solutions that are pervasive in other industries…? What is it about the healthcare world that makes adoption of analytics such a challenge when the average retailer has been using them for years?
  • (Blog) Taxation Without Hesitation, CBO Scoops the Senate Tax Bill: The CBO has released its analysis of the Senate Tax Bill.  According to the Congressional Budget Office, The Reconciliation Recommendations of the Senate Committee on Finance, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, would amend numerous provisions of U.S. tax law. Among other changes, the bill would reduce most income tax rates for individuals and modify the tax brackets for those taxpayers; increase the standard deduction and the child tax credit; and repeal deductions for personal exemptions, certain itemized deductions, and the alternative minimum tax (AMT).
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