Weekly Insight: August 28

28th Aug 2017

Weekly Insight: Texas Insight’s Reports from August 21-25

  • HHSC: Hospital Payment Advisory Committee: The Hospital Payment Advisory Committee met to receive information related to funding mechanisms for hospitals and the continuation and process under the Transformation 1115 waiver. With only 6 weeks left in the demonstration year for the waiver, CMS has still not notified HHSC of the waiver continuation.
  • HHSC: Behavioral Health Advisory Committee: The Behavioral Health Advisory Committee met to receive updates on programs and initiatives.
  • HHSC: Medical Care Advisory Committee: The Medical Care Advisory Committee met to be briefed on already adopted items. This was clearly not a welcome event by the Committee. Only one item was presented as an item for their recommendation. The report lays out all of this and more. For an information-only meeting… this had lots of teeth to it.

Federal Healthcare News

  • Intent on Reversing Its Opioid Epidemic, A State Limits Prescriptions: A year ago, Maine was one of the first states to set limits on opioid prescriptions. The goal in capping the dose of prescription painkillers a patient could get was to stem the flow of opioids that are fueling a nationwide epidemic of abuse. Maine’s law, considered the toughest in the U.S., is largely viewed as a success. But it has also been controversial — particularly among chronic pain patients who are reluctant to lose the medicine they say helps them function.
  • Serious Nursing Home Abuse Often Not Reported to Police, Federal Investigators Find: More than one-quarter of serious cases of nursing home abuse are not reported to the police, according to an alert released Monday morning by the Office of Inspector General in the Department of Health and Human Services.