The Week in Review: August 14-18

21st Aug 2017

The Week in Review: Texas Insight Reports for August 14-18
  • HHSC: Women’s Health Advisory Committee: The Women’s Health Advisory Committee met in their final meeting to receive information and updates of programs, especially the Maternal Morbidity and Mortality Taskforce.
  • HHSC: IDD Redesign Advisory Committee: The Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Redesign Advisory Committee met today to adopt recommendations for their annual report. This report includes the DRAFT report, as approved, as well as member comments.
  • HHSC: State Medicaid Managed Care Advisory Committee: The state Medicaid Managed Care Advisory Committee met to discuss updates to their report to the Executive Commissioner and to the strategic plan they have been working on. Subcommittees will finish up the work begun by the Committee of the Whole. Other issues and concerns were discussed.
  • House Bill 214: Separate Insurance for Non-Emergency Abortions: House Bill 214 requires that women purchase separate insurance coverage for elective, or non-emergency abortions. It will go into effect on December 1, 2017, and apply to health insurance plans that are issued on or after April 1, 2018.
  • House Bill 13: Abortion Reporting Requirements: House Bill 13, concerning reporting requirements for abortion procedures that experience complications, was authored by Representative Giovanni Capriglione and signed by Governor Greg Abbott on August 15, 2017—one of the final days of the 85th special session
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