The Weekly Insight: May 1

01st May 2018

Texas Insight’s Recent Reports

  • An Update on the Texas Opioid Epidemic: This posting provides an overview of the opioid crisis and offers some policy solutions that will effectively reduce our reliance on these drugs, regardless of what parties may bear responsibility for the crisis.
  • HHSC: Texas Brain Injury Advisory Council: The Council gathered for their quarterly meeting to receive updates from their standing committees, updates on Vocational Rehabilitation Services offered through the Texas Workforce Commission, and a presentation on services and access through Medicaid at HHSC.
  • House Committee on Appropriations: Monitor the Ongoing Implementation of SB 20, SB 533, and SB 255: This is a limited report on the testimony related to the HHSC on the following charge: Study the processes by which state agencies award, execute, manage, and monitor state contracts, and make recommendations on whether any changes are necessary to safeguard the best interest of the public and state…
  • House Committee on Opioids and Substance Abuse – Charges 1 and 2 and Foster Care Impact: The Select Committee met to consider invited testimony only on the following interim charges:
    • Continuation of Charge 1: Study the prevalence and impact of substance use and substance use disorders in Texas, including co-occurring mental illness…; and
    • Charge 2: Review the prevalence of substance abuse and substance use disorders in pregnant women, veterans, homeless individuals, and people with co-occurring mental illness…

Looking Ahead

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