The Weekly Insight: June 4

06th Jun 2018

Texas Insight’s Recent Reports

  • HHSC: Behavioral Health Advisory Committee: The Committee met to receive updates on a number of issues including the Opioid Response Grant, Community Collaboratives, the results of S.B. 1155, and the behavioral health budget overview.
  • HHSC: Drug Utilization Review Board: The Drug Utilization Review Board develops and submits recommendations for the preferred drug list, suggests clinical prior authorizations on outpatient prescription drugs, recommends education interventions for Medicaid providers and reviews drug usage across Medicaid programs.
  • House Select Committee on Opioids and Substance Abuse: Part I: The Select Committee met to consider testimony on the following interim charge: Monitor and evaluate the implementation of legislation passed by the 85th Legislature regarding the Prescription Monitoring Program. In addition, review the prescribing of addictive drugs by physicians and other health care providers within various geographic regions of this state. Determine the role of health care professionals in preventing overutilization and diversion of addictive prescriptions. Provide recommendations that will improve efforts to prevent overutilization and diversion of addictive prescriptions.
  • Opioid Policy Update: This posting summarizes policy solutions being offered to address the opioid crisis. The American Public Health Association recommends that policy strategies addressing the epidemic must affect both supply and demand of opioids that would be misused and/or abused.

Looking Ahead

June 5, 2018: Texas Council on Consumer Direction

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