The Weekly Insight: June 26

27th Jun 2018

Texas Insight’s Recent Reports

  • HHSC: State Medicaid Managed Care Advisory Committee: The Advisory Committee adopted the minutes and reviewed committee by-laws, then heard the following: a general overview of the current state of affairs for Medicaid; an update on the IDD carve-in; subcommittee reports; and public comment.
  • The Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT): The Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) was established in 2007. Prior to that time, it existed as the Texas Cancer Council, which was established in 1985 to coordinate statewide cancer control efforts. CPRIT accepts applications for funding and awards grants in three areas: it funds academic research, funds the development of life science products, and funds cancer prevention and screening initiatives carried out by public and private entities. All CPRIT projects take place in Texas and reportedly utilize Texas-based scientists. The agency reports attracting $2.6 billion dollars in additional non-state funding for cancer research, which creates the promise of life-saving interventions and prevention services for thousands of Texans.

Looking Ahead

June 25, 2018: STAR Kids Managed Care Advisory Committee

June 26, 2018: Opioids & Substance Abuse, Select NOTICE

June 27, 2018:  Appropriations – S/C on Article II NOTICE

June 27, 2018: General Investigating & Ethics NOTICE

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