The Weekly Insight: August 27

27th Aug 2018

Texas Insight’s Recent Reports

  • Department of Family and Protective Services Council Meeting: The Texas Family and Protective Services Council was created during the 85th Texas Legislative Session in 2017 as part of House Bill 5, the legislation that established the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) as an agency separate from the Health and Human Services Commission. The meeting was convened by the Chair, who stated that this was the first quarterly meeting of the Council.
  • HHSC: Executive Council Meeting: The Council gathered to hear discussion and updates on hurricane season preparedness, Arbovirus transmission prevention, the HHSC Legislative Appropriations Request, proposed rules, and information rules.
  • HHSC: Palliative Care Interdisciplinary Advisory Council: The Council met with the primary purpose of finalizing recommendations for their legislative report. The staff reports were postponed due to timing issues, but the handout materials are included in this report for information. The requested change in the by-laws from the previous meeting was approved by HHSC legal and addresses the differences in supportive palliative care and hospice care. Additionally, an update was provided on HR 1676, The Public Health Services Act…

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