The Quality Committee was established in accordance with Texas Government Code §531.012. They provide a forum for the promotion of multi-stakeholder collaboration in pursuit of value-based payment initiatives and increased quality for Texas’ healthcare system, including Medicaid and other publicly funded health services. They study and make recommendations regarding issues that include:

  • Core metrics and a data analytics framework to support value-based purchasing and quality improvement in Medicaid/CHIP.
  • HHSC and managed care organization incentive and disincentive programs based on value.
  • Value-based payment and quality improvement initiatives to promote better care, better outcomes and lower costs for publicly funded health care services.
  • The strategic direction for Medicaid/CHIP value-based programs.

The Quality Committee also pursues other goals that further its purpose to improve quality and efficiency in state health care services. By December 1st of each even-numbered year, the committee submits a written report to the executive commissioner and Texas Legislature that describes current trends and identifies best practices in health care for value-based payment and quality improvement, and provides recommendations consistent with the purposes of the Quality Committee.

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