The mission of the Tobacco Prevention and Control Program is to “to reduce the health effects and economic toll tobacco has placed on the citizens of Texas.” Their major goals include preventing tobacco use among young people, eliminating exposure to secondhand smoke, reducing tobacco use among populations with the greatest burden of tobacco-related health disparities, and supporting adequate enforcement of tobacco laws including federal, state, and local, etc. In order to serve those goals, their services include:

  • Technical assistance to community organizations, schools, worksites, health professionals, and law enforcement agencies on tobacco use prevention issues
  • A clearinghouse of information on tobacco use prevention issues
  • Media campaign to educate Texans about the dangers of tobacco use and the Texas Tobacco Law
  • Assistance in conducting the Texas Youth Tobacco Survey which provides current data on youth tobacco use rates and trends
  • Toll-free number for those who wish to request tobacco information or to report illegal tobacco sales to youth
  • In partnerships with the American Cancer Society “Quit For Life” program, provided by Free and Clear, multi-lingual, free, and confidential telephone cessation counseling for Texans needing support or information in quitting tobacco use.

For more information on their services and functions, follow this link.