Local Mental Health Authorities (LMHAs) are community mental health centers serving the state’s medically indigent mental health consumers. The Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) contracts with LMHAs to plan, coordinate, and provide mental health services in each locality. LMHAs used to be called Community Mental Health Mental Retardation Centers (MHMRs) which were created in 1965 under the Texas Mental Health and Mental Retardation Act. There are 38 centers across the state [see map below] serving local populations with serious and persistent mental illness, intellectual and developmental disabilities or substance use disorders through contracts with providers. LMHAs are units of local government and operate with their own governing boards. LMHAs receive state funding and sometimes county and other governmental funding, as well as funding from other sources.
In 2015, LHMAs served more than 94,000 adults which includes assessment, case management, medication, rehabilitation, counseling, supported housing and employment services. Recommended funding for 2018-19 is $598 million in state general revenue (GR). Also provided through LHMAs via contracts with community-based providers are services to children, which include case management, medication, outpatient services, family support, inpatient hospital services, and respite care. in 2015, 23,000 children received community mental health services. Recommended funding for 2018-19 is $115 million in GR. LMHAs also provided mental health crisis services in 2015 to more than 7,000 Texans. Recommended GR funding for Crisis Services for the 18-19 biennium is $345 million. More than 600,000 adults and 1.7 million children received substance abuse prevention services and more than 32,000 adults and 4,700 children were provided with substance abuse treatment by LMHAs in 2015. Recommended funding for substance abuse prevention and treatment services for the 18-19 biennium is $450 million GR.
[Source: https://www.dshs.texas.gov/mhsa/yes/2015updates/LMHA-Center-Service-Areas-Map.pdf.]