The Mission of the Texas Health Care Association “…is to unite, represent, and support professionals who strive to improve the delivery, quality, and integrity of long-term healthcare services.”

  1. Quality Care:
    THCA assists policymakers, consumers and the public in understanding financial challenges facing nursing home providers. A series of quality improvement programs and initiatives are being constantly developed and executed with the intent of improving the medical care of Texas nursing home patients.
  2. Texas Health Care Association Political Action Committee (THCAPAC): THCAPAC is a voluntary, non-profit, unincorporated committee comprising long-term care providers and others who want to advance Texas’ long-term care. It is not affiliated with a political party and has no branches or subsidiary committees. THCAPAC Trustees represent a broad spectrum of providers that includes nursing facilities, residential care homes, vendors, etc.
  3. Legislative Priorities for the 85th Legislature: their agenda for this legislative session includes supplementing nursing home reimbursements without state funding, preserving the tort reform protections approved by voters in 2003, defending SB 7 provisions, and more.

Follow this link for more information, and review the chart below to see THCA’s 2017 Board Members.


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