The mission of the TXCVDS is to “educate, inform and facilitate action among Texans to reduce the human and financial toll of cardiovascular disease and stroke.” The council was created during the 76th Legislature through its passage of House Bill 2085. The council consists of 11 appointed members, and their activities include:

  • developing an effective and resource-efficient plan,
  • conducting health education, public awareness, and community outreach,
  • improving access to treatment,
  • coordinating activities among agencies within the state,
  • developing a database of recommendations for treatment and care, and
  • collecting and analyzing information related to cardiovascular disease

Their meeting dates for 2017 are Friday, February 24; Saturday, May 6; Friday, August 18; and Saturday, November 4.

Members of the Council are chosen as representatives of relevant medical, research and policy fields, plus public members who have personal or family experience with stroke or CVD. They are elected to six-year terms by the Governor of Texas, while Agency Representatives are selected by Agency leadership.

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