The Sunset Advisory Commission performs regular assessments of the necessity and cost-effectiveness of a state agency or program. The point is not to measure compliance with legislative regulation, but to determine whether an agency is still needed. The process works by setting an automatic end (or, sunset) date on which a given agency or program will be abolished unless bills are passed to continue them. This process can create a powerful incentive for stakeholders and the Legislature to learn about, and understand each of these agencies and troubleshoot methods to make them more effective. Therefore, more necessary.

  • 12-member commission
    – With five members of the Senate and one public member appointed by the Lieutenant Governor, and
    – Five members of the House and one public member appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives.
  • House and Senate members serve four-year terms; public members serve two-year terms.
  • Chairmanship rotates between the Senate and the House every two years and is assigned to a House member for the 2016– 2017 review cycle.
  • The Commission appoints a director who employs staff that will carry out the commission’s responsibilities.

Review the image below to see the current House and Senate Commission Members for the Sunset Advisory Commission. Follow this link to view the staff.