PACE provides community-based services for frail and elderly Texas citizens who qualify for nursing facility placement. PACE offers a range of services for a capitated [1] monthly fee that is lower than equivalent nursing facility care. Participants can leave the program at any time if they choose. Individuals can join PACE if they meet the following conditions:

  • Age 55 or older
  • Live in the service area of a PACE organization
  • Eligible for nursing home care
  • Be able to live safely in the community

Most participants will be dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid benefits—upon joining, the PACE program becomes the single provider of services for Medicare and Medicaid eligible enrollees. Participants are eligible for services that can include:

  • All medically necessary services, including drugs. These are provided without any limitation or condition regarding amount, duration, or scope.
  • Any other item or service determined necessary by the PACE interdisciplinary team (IDT) to improve and maintain the participant’s overall health status.

The scope, amount, and duration of provided services for PACE participants are specific to each individual and specified by the IDT in the participant’s care plan. 

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[1] Merriam Webster:  “…a health-care system in which a medical provider is given a set fee per patient (as by an HMO) regardless of treatment required.”

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