MEHIS is a statewide system designed to improve the safety, efficiency, and quality of health services provided through Medicaid. The Texas Health and Human Services Commission will use the system to make a dramatic shift in the way Medicaid members’ information is stored and protected, namely, by moving member data into fortified electronic storage. This will include:  replacing the paper Medicaid Information Form with a permanent plastic card, automating eligibility information, providing an electronic health record (EHR) or Medicaid recipients, offering electronic prescribing functionality, and establishing a foundation for future health information exchange.



In a presentation made to the e-Health Advisory Committee in March of 2017, MEHIS’ drivers, or goals that push them forward, were broken down into two categories: strategic and legislative. Their strategic drivers included service improvements for the Medicaid system, improved health care outcomes, increased cost efficiency, and the potential for future expansion. Their legislative drivers, as authorized by HB 1218 [1], are designed to manifest in three stages:


To see more on their goals and objectives, review the diagram below.




[Source: Texas Administrative Code Title I, Part 15, Chapter 356 and Subchapter A, Rule 356.101]

[Source: Medicaid Eligibility and Health Information Services (MEHIS) Overview | Presentation to the e-Health Advisory Committee, March 24, 2017]