The Legislative Budget Board (LBB) is a permanent joint committee of the Texas Legislature that develops budget and policy recommendations for legislative appropriations, completes fiscal analyses for proposed legislation, and conducts evaluations and reviews to improve the efficiency and performance of state and local operations.

The LBB has a range of responsibilities. They include:
  • Adopt a constitutional spending limit;
  • Prepare a General Appropriations Bill draft;
  • Prepare a budget estimates document;
  • Review programs and operations of state established entities and prepare a performance report;
  • Conduct comprehensive reviews of school districts’ educational, financial and operational services and programs;
  • Guide, review, and finalize agency strategic plans;
  • Prepare fiscal notes, impact statements on proposed legislation; and
  • Maintain and provide public online access to state contract database.
Other (include, but are not limited to, the following):
  • Provides services, fiscal publications, and maintains a website that provides information on the LBB, budget information and documents (such as the General Appropriations Act), and online data entry applications for state agencies.
  • During the interim, the LBB provides assistance to standing and special committees, as requested. In addition, several reports serve to keep the Legislature informed about significant budget and performance developments among state agencies. A major publication, Fiscal Size-up, summarizes important fiscal actions of the prior legislative session, describes the purpose and services of state agencies, and provides comparative information on Texas state government.
  • During the legislative session, the LBB supports the legislative appropriations process by providing staff resources for the House Appropriations Committee, the Senate Finance Committee, and the Conference Committee on Appropriations. To a great extent, staff support takes the form of tracking committee decisions, answering inquiries from committee members, and performing analyses. The LBB staff records committee funding decisions in order to produce bill texts and summaries for each step of the appropriations process. In addition to committee support services, LBB staff members prepare fiscal notes and impact statements about proposed legislation.
  • Oversight related to information resources and state contracts.

Follow this link for the LBB’s organization and team membership.