JCT is a nonpartisan committee of the U.S. Congress, operating with a staff of Ph.D economists, attorneys, and accountants, who provide assistance on tax legislation to Members of both the majority and minority parties in both houses of Congress.

Organization and Function:

The JCT is chaired on a rotating basis by the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. During the first session of each Congress, the House has the Chair and the Senate has the vice-chair; the roles are reversed during the second session. The JCT is closely involved in every aspect of the tax legislative process, including:

  • Assisting Congressional tax-writing committees and Members of Congress with development and analysis of legislative proposals;
  • Preparing official revenue estimates of all tax legislation considered by the Congress;
  • Drafting legislative histories for tax-related bills; and
  • Investigating various aspects of the Federal tax system.
  • The Joint Committee Staff interacts with Members of Congress, Members of the tax-writing committees, and their staff on a confidential basis and enjoys a high-level of trust from both sides of the political aisle and in both houses of Congress.

Because the Joint Committee Staff is independent, tax-focused, and involved in all stages of the tax legislative process, the staff is able to ensure consistency as tax bills move through committees to the floor of each chamber, and to a House-Senate conference committee.

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[Source: The Joint Committee on Taxation: Congress of the United States https://www.jct.gov/about-us/overview.html ]