The IDD System Redesign Committee was created by SB 7 of the 83rd Texas Legislature. Its function is to advise the Texas Health and Human Services Commission and Department of Aging and Disability Services on the introduction and execution of programs to benefit people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. These initiatives include an acute care and Long-Term Care Services and Supports (LTSS) system redesign. The system is required by SB 7 to support the following [complete list here]:

  • Provide Medicaid services to more people in a cost-efficient manner by determining the amount and type of services based on each individual’s needs.
  • Increase information about available programs, services, and applications, in order to improve public access to needed services and supports.
  • Improve the assessment of each person’s needs and available supports, including the assessment of functional needs.
  • Promote person-centered planning, self-direction, self-determination, community inclusion, and customized, integrated, competitive employment.
  • Reduce unnecessary institutionalization in acute care and LTSS in order to improve their functioning.
  • Ensure the availability of a local safety net provider and local safety net services.
  • Ensure that people with the most significant needs are appropriately served in the community and that processes are in place to prevent inappropriate institutionalization.

Committee members are listed in the chart below. For more information, and public reports available from the IDD System Redesign Committee, follow this link