IMPACT is the primary computer system used by the Department of Family and Protective Services programs to record case information about children and adults under the agency’s protection. Documentation includes all stages of service in a case, case-investigations, etc. IMPACT stands for “Information Management Protecting Adults and Children in Texas.” “Modernization” describes a multi-year project on the part of the DFPS to update the system. An update for which, there are multiple reasons. It was originally built in 1996, and the outdated technology was causing delays as well as unnecessary financial costs. In addition, the new system will give access to external partners such as CASA, law enforcement, etc. The benefits of the modernization will include:


  • Less time spent in the system so staff can spend more time with clients.
  • Making the system easier to maintain and update to meet rapidly changing needs, policies, or laws.
  • Giving authorized external partners access to the system to increase collaboration.
  • Giving DFPS staff new work-management tools to quickly identify critical case-related tasks and deadlines.
  • Giving caseworkers and others more accurate and readily available data when providing services to families.
  • Greater safety awareness in all stages of cases.


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[Source: Department of Family and Protective Services – Impact Modernization]