The ECI Advisory Committee advises the Texas Health and Human Services Commission’s Division for Early Childhood Intervention Services on policies that facilitate early intervention programs for toddlers and infants with developmental delays or disabilities. The advisory committee is a required facet of Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. In Texas, the Part C program is the Early Childhood Intervention, and each state that operates a Part C Program must have an advisory committee.
The responsibilities of the advisory committee members include:

  • Providing information on proposed ECI policies.
  • Identifying issues it would like addressed by HHSC.
  • Representing their constituents and bringing their input to the attention of the committee and the ECI division.
  • Assisting in statewide dissemination of information, including opportunities for public comment or input.
  • Recommending strategies to the ECI state office to address system-wide issues or concerns.

[Source: Texas Health and Human Services ECI Advisory Committee – About the committee]