The Comptroller of Public Accounts has a number of functions that include acting as the tax administrator and collector for the state, keeping accounts of state funds, and producing research and statistics to estimate revenue. In addition, the comptroller submits financial reports to the governor and legislature with statements on outstanding appropriations, estimates of anticipated revenue, and statements about the previous fiscal year. The comptroller is elected for four-year terms. The office comprises a range of divisions assigned to certain tasks, for example:

  • The Administration Area: includes budget, support services, training, and personnel divisions that monitor agency expenditures and funds, maintain agency inventories, and train and keep records on personnel.
  • The Audit Area: conducts audits on twenty-eight state taxes.
  • Internal Audit Area: provides independent review of the office’s accounting activities.
  • The Communications Area: provides taxpayer information to the public.
  • Enforcement Area: runs multiple operations that collect delinquent taxes, file criminal complaints, issue licenses, and other tax-related procedures.
  • Data Processing division: circulates information through the agency’s computer network.

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The current Comptroller is Glenn Hegar, who was elected in 2014 and is the 36th Comptroller of Public Accounts in Texas. To find more information on the current comptroller’s agenda and the office’s programs, click here.

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