The Center for Public Policy Priorities (CPPP) is an independent, nonprofit public policy organization founded by the Benedictine Sisters of Boerne in 1985. The organization was originally charged with finding policy solutions to expand access to health care and has since expanded to examine economic opportunity and fiscal policy in Texas. The organization participates in a number of state and national research and policy projects and collaborations, including Kids Count, Cover Texas Now, Texas Forward and Children’s Healthcare Coverage. CPPP publishes briefs, reports, fact sheets and a blog and testifies frequently to the Legislature and makes presentations across the state on issues related to health care, tax issues, and child well-being, among other topics. Their 85th legislative priorities include:

  • accessible and affordable health care, including mental health care, for all;
  • Medicaid expansion for working age adults;
  • policies to protect consumers from surprise medical bills;
  • policies to keep vouchers from siphoning funds from the public education system;
  • affordable higher education;
  • policies supporting Texas Pre-K and more equitable school financing; and
  • state budget transparency.